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What If Your Best Clients NEVER Forgot Your Name?
In this digital high-information age, your best customers are being bombarded with marketing every waking hour... You simply cannot afford to take them for granted. Do you have the kind of relationship that can withstand overly aggressive or price-cutting competitors? Do you have RAVING FAN clients?
  •  How often do your best clients think of you?
  •  How loyal are your customers?
  •  What are you doing to ensure your best clients NEVER forget your name?
When your clients are suffering from information overload (and we all are), you and your company are the last thing on their mind... No matter how great your product or service is.
What if you could market to your clients in a way that would:
  •  Be appreciated
  •  Be seen every day in their home 
  •  Remind them of you 
  •  Strategically generate future referrals 
  •  Last a lifetime
What would branding like that be worth?
I'm often asked...
Why should I gift my clients? Isn't great service enough?
Recent research into the science of giving shows that giving a gift can be more than just a good idea. Gift-giving can actually change the chemistry in the recipient’s brain, flooding them with positive feelings and increasing their connection to you and your brand.
In this day of web-based push marketing, your competitors are putting money into their online presence and targeting Your best clients! Today, it is more important than ever to maintain a meaningful connection both personally and professionally with your best clients. The right gift should be something that surprises and delights your client. Many professionals and business owners have exciting, fun gifts that both surprise and delight:
  •  Chocolates
  •  Wine 
  •  Themed Baskets 
  •  Personalized stationery  
  •  Gift cards for dinner  
  •  Gift cards to home improvement stores  
  •  The list goes on..... 
A great gift should accomplish 2 objectives:
  • A gift should be a SINCERE expression of GRATITUDE
  •  A gift should be a LASTING REMINDER of your EXCEPTIONAL service
By now, you're probably asking...
what should I look for in a branded gift?
Here are 5 questions to ask when choosing client gifts...
How often is it used?
It's great to get gifts that surprise and delight, but many times these gifts are not practical enough to be used every day. That does not in any way diminish the thoughtfulness, but it also does not do much for your brand on a day-to-day basis.

Does it give me a tax advantage?
The law states that business owners have a limit of a $25 write off per client each year. The average Realtor spends $60-$200 per client per transaction. This is one reason some businesses put their logo on every gift they give away. In doing so, they have re-classified a gift as advertising in the eyes of the IRS*

Is it high-quality?
Your customers will judge you by the quality of the gift that you give them. There is a big difference between handing your client a flyswatter with your name on it (thank you to my pest control friend for giving me one) and giving your top clients something like a Cross Pen or Mont Blanc.  The purpose of an inexpensive promotional item should be a token of outreach to potential clients, not a half-hearted attempt to show appreciation to your best clients.

Is it easy to get?
Do you ever find yourself scrambling to get a gift at closing or at completion of your work?  What if you had a gift that was on-hand whenever you needed it? Imagine reaching in the box, grabbing a gift, and heading out to see your client!

Is it consumable, or permanent?
Fruit baskets, wine baskets, and restaurant gift cards are gifts that are presented by a majority of gifting business owners.  It's right for everyone because everyone eats. The only problem is, once those things are gone, there is nothing left over to remind us of the experience. Wouldn't it be great if there were a gift that was exciting to receive, revolved around food, and lasted forever?
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