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CUTCO Time-Savers Set
Cutco Closing Gifts
Be unforgettable
Grab your own piece of brand immortality by engraving your name and logo on products that customers will use every day for years to come.
Reap tax benefits
Don’t cheat yourself at tax time! Cutco’s engraved closing gifts are a form of advertising, which are 100% tax deductible. Consult your tax professional.
Have gifts on hand
With bulk purchasing and a very simple re-ordering process, you won’t have to remember to stock your gifts. Easy, right?
Think outside the gift basket
Give customers a gift that will truly last forever. All Cutco products are guaranteed forever.
Not shown to scale
Santoku-Style Club Mates
Shear Utility Set
Cook's Combo
Petite Cook's Combo
Welcome Home Set
Petite Prep
Grand Prep
Time Savers Set
Traditional Cheese Knife
Cutco All-Purpose Shears
(Utility Knife)
Cutco Spatula Spreader
additional products ($50-100):
Branded House Keys
Veteran-Made Cutting Boards
Charge Hubs
Universal Gifts
Since every home you sell has a kitchen, CUTCO is the perfect gift for all of your clients!
Marketing for life
With CUTCO's Forever Guarantee, it is a gift that will give you marketing touches for generations to come!
Save On Taxes*
Since each product is engraved with your business information, these are 100% deductible as advertising!
Are you a Realtor or Loan Officer? CLICK HERE for a special message!
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