Edge Branding Solutions: Helping Real Estate Professionals Grow Their Business With Strategic Appreciation
After Just 2 Years,
Only 9% of Home Buyers Can Remember Their Realtor's Name
Edge Branding Solutions has options that will make you UNFORGETTABLE in your clients' minds!
According to a 2017 NAR study...
According to a 2017 NAR study...
said they would use their agent again or recommend their agent to others...
ONLY 12% OF HOMEBUYERS used an agent that they had worked with in the past to buy or sell their home! 
 used an agent that they had worked with in the past! 
Your Clients are Leaving You Behind!
The Question Is...
What can you do about it?
Client retention is not an accident.  It is not up to fate, and it shouldn't be a "wait and hope" proposition.

Patricia Fripp says:
It's NOT your CLIENT'S job to remember you, 
Forbes says:
 it is 5 TIMES more EXPENSIVE to gain a new client than it is to RETAIN a current client!
Maintaining relationships will save you THOUSANDS in marketing dollars!
EDGE offers solutions that keep you top-of-mind for a lifetime!
Closing gift or long-term BRANDING OPPORTUNITY?
At Edge Branding Solutions, we encourage our business partners to find client gifts that are used regularly (often daily) in the most commonly used room in the house (the kitchen), and last a lifetime!
We even offer gifts with a GUARANTEE that will NEVER wear out or break, and if they do, they are replaced for FREE!  and... They are AMERICAN MADE!
You're giving a closing gift ANYWAY, why not give something of LASTING VALUE?
EDGE gifts range from $55 up to $200 or more, so no matter what you typically spend on your clients, we have something special to fit any agent's budget.
Five Reasons Agents LOVE Gifting with EDGE!
  • Universal Gifts - Every house you sell has a kitchen (hopefully), so everyone can use kitchen-related gifts
  • Generates Referrals - Our gifts come in unique colors and designs, so they naturally spark conversations about YOU
  • Easy to give - Tired of shopping for clients on closing day? We help you put a system in place so you can grab a gift and go!
  • Used Every Day - Our Premiere Line of gifts are products that are used EVERY DAY and guaranteed FOREVER, so your clients never forget you
  • 100% Tax Deductible* - Because each and every gift is engraved with YOUR INFO, you can classify these as 100% deductible* advertising on your taxes.
Brand yourself like a NINJA!
Here are some thoughts from branding ninjas who have learned the secret of giving gifts that will be in their clients' hands forever!

Michael Maher - Nationally Recognized sales trainer and author of The Seven Levels of Communication

"...give something that has that Mercedes and Rolex FEEL, and yet also...reasonable in cost... [They're] 100% Guaranteed...I'm sold on Cutco!"

Gary Keller - Keller Williams Realty

I send out ...this [Cutco] cheese spreader with a note card that says "thank you for spreading the word... I really appreciate your business and your friendship"
Universal Gifts
Since every home you sell has a kitchen, CUTCO is the perfect gift for all of your clients!
Marketing for life
With CUTCO's Forever Guarantee, it is a gift that will give you marketing touches for generations to come!
Save On Taxes*
Since each product is engraved with your business information, these are 100% deductible as advertising!
Edge Branding Solutions: Helping Real Estate Professionals Grow Their Business With Strategic Appreciation
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